Monday, June 22, 2009

Jarons first road trip!

Not only was this Jarons first road was Andrews first Fathers day!! YAY! So we decided that for Fathers Day it would be fun to go to Utah and see all of Andrews family. We were a little worried that Jaron would hate the long drive but he slept the WHOLE TIME! We could not believ how easy it we can go on more trips! :)

Jaron sound asleep

My cute husband on Fathers Day!

We suprised Grandpa and Grandma Clark, and of course they loved Jaron! When we were there we realized that no one really cares about us's all about the baby, but seriously can you blame them??! It was such a fun weekend! I loved seeing our family, the only bad part of the trip is that Andrew wants to move to Utah now...hopefully I can convince him that living in AZ is just fine!